Support The Cause – Johnny Bananas Shirts here soon

Attention Suck Yeah Army: In retrospect and in light of the events of our own Johnny Bananas! Suck Yeah is currently printing “THE REAL JOHNNY BANANAS” shirts. Anyone and everyone needs to pick one of these bad boys up and back our Boy!

The Real Johnny Bananas - Suck Yeah

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12 Responses

    1. avatar jelloshots408 says:

      When can we order these?

    2. avatar Brett says:

      They are in production as we speak as soon as we get them in will notify everyone.

    3. avatar ifelicious says:

      hilarious! go ahead johnny!

    4. avatar alknight88 says:

      Do you know how much they are going to be? We are so excited to get them!

    5. avatar Brett says:

      Just so you know, Suck Yeah does not profit from our shirts. We will make sure these shirts are at an affordable rate for everyone to enjoy.

    6. avatar Stacy says:

      I cant wait!!!!!! I’m definitely getting one!!

    7. avatar andrea says:

      Cute, but you’ve got 3 “n’s” — Johnnny. What’s up with that?

    8. avatar Brett says:

      Our bad. Good catch these were early design shots before production. We had up the wrong shot. Good eyes.

    9. avatar Jess says:

      Is there going to be girl sizes?

    10. avatar Brett says:

      yes we will have women shirts and tanks as well.

    11. avatar Jaq says:

      Any sizes for a bigger guy?

    12. avatar Brett says:

      Hey Jaq, We’re gonna have XL and XXL does that help?

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