Kenny Goes Hipsta-matic

We want everyone to know we are gonna be rolling out with new fresh dig’s this Fall 2011 season. Be prepared for more the most incredible Unexplainable Awesomeness! On a side note: Our Packin’ Heat Shirt that Ken is so elegantly modeling for everyone here is coming soon to a M TV near you! You can get em now before anyone else.

Kenny Santucci Rocking Suck Yeah Clothing

ATTENTION SUCK YEAH ARMY: We Want to hear from you! Good or bad shout out in the comments section below if you got an opinion or idea we’ll listen!

Thanks everyone for being awesome!


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    1. avatar Patricia says:

      Hi! I have to say on an opening note that your shirts are ridiculously amazing! But you already knew that, right? (: what I’ve noticed is that your collection for girls is not as broad as it is for guys and those models that you currently have in the women’s tab do not come in plus sizes (and some times don’t even go as high as large!) I think that we (the fatties) deserve some love too, and I’m sure that more people will buy because truth be told: we are a rather ‘large’ nation. Think about it!
      But again, awesome stuff guys! Hope to see you take it as far as possible. Cheers!

    2. You guys need sizing charts on your items. Also accessories would be great to see too–wrist bands, beanies, silicone bracelets, etc. Girls tanks possibly and more sizes available as mentioned above. Yes, I do merch 😉 . Love the line tho, and Kenny looks great in rainbow. Thanks!

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